We Are Our Members

NorthStar is a member-owned heterogeneous
group captive domiciled in the Cayman Islands.

Premium Development

NorthStar Insurance, Ltd. is a member owned heterogeneous group captive domiciled in the Cayman Islands. Each Shareholder has equal ownership which represents a single and equal vote on NorthStar’s Board of Directors regardless of premium size.


The approved NorthStar Data Collection broker will gather five years of loss history, exposure data and historical premiums to create a Loss Exhibit. This historical data includes Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability, and Auto Physical Damage, which are the types of coverage written by NorthStar Insurance, Ltd.


The Loss Exhibit will be provided to the independent actuary who will trend and develop the data to estimate future losses. The actuary then produces a premium funding calculation for the predictable (frequency) losses, as well as those losses that will be reserved for severity (shock) losses. This then becomes known as the member’s Loss Fund.


The Loss Fund is grossed up for the operating expenses of the company. These expenses include fronting fees, reinsurance, claims services, loss control, etc. A transparent breakdown of the expenses is provided within the final proposal.


The Loss Fund and the operating costs are combined to create the member’s annual premium. Premiums are then billed quarterly beginning with the NorthStar Insurance, Ltd. common anniversary date of February 1st.

NorthStar is designed by its members to have a level of risk sharing at an acceptable level. The intent of the premium funding formula is to ensure that each member pays a premium commensurate with their own ultimate losses, yet allows for risk sharing between the entire membership when funds are exhausted. Members can be assessed a predetermined maximum if predicted losses exceed premium contributions for a particular policy year. A complete copy of the premium formula is available in our offering memorandum.

Preferred Service Providers

We only work with highly rated, quality partners who provide superior service
that consistently exceeds the expectations of our shareholders.

Captive Consultant, Gunn Mowery, LLC
Front/Policy Issuance, PMA Insurance Group
Reinsurance, PMA Insurance Group
Loss Control Consultants, PMA Management Corp.
Claims Administration, PMA Management Corp.
Captive Manager, Marsh Management Services, Cayman
Actuary, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc.
Auditor, KPMG, Cayman
Comerica Bank, Cayman